When you start from scratch, itch!

When you outgrow your name and want to push for a new identity it’s both daunting and exciting. This is a time to redesign your look, your name and your vision. To craft a brand identity that will not only help the company grow, but align everyone into the same thought process. To grow from infancy to adulthood.

There is always a lot of pressure to get branding right, but in reality, a brand is something that grows organically over time. The problem was that AK8 had reached a point where a refresh was needed as the company was about to grow in a big way. The company had new people that needed a new identity, a new statement to believe in. The guys at AK8 wanted a name that feels right, that feels comfortable but not in an ‘old pair of slippers kinda way’. Instead something that aligns with the shared vision and a chance to get the look and feel emphasising every value of the company. To launch new values both internally and externally.

This was the challenge and it was a challenge that Josh, head of AK8 wanted to face!

AK8 was an unexpected child, that lacked identity...

Josh came by AK8 from having a passion in helping clients with product design, solution management and getting products into global markets. Having a name and a simple brand that worked initially was great, but soon they outgrew AK8 and wanted to revitalise the company. We went through so many names and structures to gauge the feeling and direction they wanted to take it. It wasn't easy, and trying to encapsulate the existing and new brand values in one word, two words or bizarre nonsensical words wasn't a task that came easy. At times it felt ugly and botched, and at this initial stage we felt we had nothing more than 'blah'! Imagine changing your name that you’ve grown up with, suddenly trying to call yourself... Suzanne?!. It’s going to sound weird and people aren’t going to like it. You grow up owning your name, being a part of it and it being a part of you. So when a rebrands happen, the journey often starts slowly and not always smoothly.

After weeks of development we finally found territories that we all agreed on, we went through 100’s of different names and words on top of developing AK8s existing look. Constantly stacking them against the power of AK8 and its originality. It was a conscious thought to keep the name AK8 in the mix to prevent a uncomfortable ‘Suzanne Co.’ rebrand situation. We passed a few nice possible answers in our development but unfortunately at times it felt we were going around in circles. Leaving days for feedback so that names, ideas and feelings could grow from the new proposed words - trying not to rely on emotion, but understanding this is the time to carve a fresh, innovative brand to help catapult the new ‘AK8’ into full world domination.

We arrived with two in the front, AK8 had kept up with all other developments and the one other: ‘Itch - When ideas start from scratch…’. Itch rallied all our core values in hero-ing the idea and the innovator. Time came for some big decisions in which Josh, the founder of AK8, had to table an intense morning of meetings. After a passionate few hours batting around the pro’s and con’s of AK8 redesign, he came to Itch and it was a no brainer. The name and tagline fitted their mission, it fitted their dream for the company and from that day Itch innovation was born!

Itch is here to make your ideas a reality, to ignite that thought, to craft that product and launch it into the world for everyone to enjoy.

We didn’t take our rebrand lightly... and we know the ramifications of people’s loyalty to a products, services and brands. We know it’s not all just logo’s and pretty graphics, it’s customer service and how people feel and work within our company. That's why we pride ourselves in happy staff and even happier clients. Every customer is treated with respect and we make a point of responding to every need, big or small.

Look at our case studies to see more of what we are capable of, but don’t just see for yourself, get in touch today to see what our passionate creatives and client service team can do for you.

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