Bring your walls to life with Duality Systems

360° Immersive Spaces

Duality Systems blend the virtual world with reality seamlessly with our 360° immersive technology.
We  provide a full 360 experience where content continuously wraps around any room you desire.
We harness the latest breakthroughs in virtual reailty by removing the goggles and allowing you to share the metaverse experience with others.

The Complete package

We give the tools to our clients, so they can create their own immersive experiences.

Our content team have created an easy to use flexible interface which lets you change the graphics being displayed in real time.

If you want interactive content we have it in our preinstalled content library or use our proprietary tool to design your own.

Tech Stuff

• 360° Projection Mapping
• 12K Video Wall
• Shared VR Experiences
• Bespoke Real Time Video Content
• Short Throw Projection Technology

and that's  just for starters!


We can offer a range of packages to suit your needs. Anything from installing one projector to make a "living wall" feature, to a fully interactive 360 degree immersive space.
How far do you want to go on your immersive journey?

Our tech team can design a fully bespoke solution that fits your space and delivers exactly what you want.
Contact us for a chat.
Arrange a visit to come and see our live system.
Or we can come to see you and do a site survey at the same time.