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We can take your idea from scratch to fulfilment. It will take passion,
innovation and hard work to bring it to life, and that is exactly what we

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you name it,
we'll find it

From concept to fulfilment and everything in between, we can find you the right vendors at the right price and the highest quality.

If you require product sourcing and factory audits then Itch have you covered, we work with an unbeatable network of trusted partnered suppliers.

Let's talk sourcing

design the thing, make the thing!

Our facilities in China and the UK have dedicated labs full of high tech equipment which allows our engineers to design and prototype products.

When we are ready to start making stuff in volume, we engage our network of tried, tested and trusted manufacturing partners across China and Asia.

Our team strives to ensure the highest standards, aiming to deliver quality products on time every time!

Our EVT DVT PVT process allows us to build from the original design to mass-production in a seamless fashion. Whether your project has 100 parts or 100,000, Itch is here to help make it happen.

Need manufacturinG?

make it right!

Our QC team have eyes like hawks and a passion for quality.  Itch can even do 100% inspection on up to 40,000 units, giving you the confidence that your products will arrive as expected with no surprises.

scratch, itch and so much more

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